Login (twice) with your username; the first login is for the webserver, the second is for the application itself.

Get some data into your clipboard. The format requirements are the following:

  1. tab-delimited,
  2. comments after a hash mark ("#") are ignored, and you can include full line comments at the top of the data (useful for overall descriptions or column headings), or you can include "end of line" at the right side of a row of mortality rates (useful for year labels),
  3. years go down (as rows) and ages go across (as columns),
  4. ages classes must be 0-1, 1-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc,
  5. for missing years, insert a single "NA" string for that row, use multiple "NA" for multiple missing years,
  6. make sure that you have as many ages rate points as the "age cutoff" for the Coale Guo extension (e.g. if you want to smooth mx past age 90, you have to have data UP TO at least age 90, and data past that is ignored).

For data to experiment with, try some Swedish Data. This data may look like it is formatted strangely due to word wrapping, but I think that a standard cut and paste will work from most browsers.

Click on the link on the left side which says "create a new single sex LC object".

Copy the data into the big box, and fill out the supplementary fields below, including start year (end year calculated automatically), notes, number of projections and years forward, etc.

Press submit and wait a while. If all goes well you will get redirected to a list of all your objects, sorted by most-recent first. (If you get a nicely formatted error message, read it and go "Back" in your browser and fix your input. If you get a non-formatted spew of computer code, please cut and paste it and send it to me in an email with as much context as you can figure out. Then go back and try again; this "backtrace" will have a hint as to what is wrong.)

Click on the most recent object number in the leftmost column--this is your report. (The table of LC results is sorted most recent run at the top.)

The text in the webpage report should cut and pasted nicely into Excel. If the fields don't split into columns correctly, right-click -> paste special -> select text -> OK. For the images, right-click on each image -> copy image -> paste the image into the spreadsheet.

Alternatively the "Object Dump" button on the LC report will give you a spreadsheet readable dump of all the data; some of data in this download will be annottated, but some will be for debugging by the programmer and less easy to read.